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  • Five Prayerful Responses to Ferguson

    Posted in Revival Praying, National Revival, by Bill Elliff.
    Nov. 25, 2014

    Last week, I had the privilege, with Gary Frost, of leading a day of prayer in Ferguson, Missouri, with over 100 pastors, sponsored by the Missouri Baptist Convention. It was an unusual day of intense intercession in this troubled city.

    Ferguson is a microcosmic picture of our nation and a sister city that is in need of our deliberate, intense concern and prayers. What is happening there could happen in your city or mine in a heartbeat. Ferguson is not creating something—it’s revealing something.

    One of the most encouraging things to see in Ferguson is the uniting of ...

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  • How Many?

    Posted in Personal Revival, by Randy Hekman.
    Nov. 25, 2014

    How many Thanksgiving Days do you have each year?

    Okay, I know that in the U.S. we have only one official day we call Thanksgiving. But, based on my reading of Scripture, I’m quite sure God has a few more in mind for us. Like at least 365 per year!

    It’s difficult for me to ponder the subject of giving thanks, without thinking about the apostle Paul. Because if anyone had the right—humanly speaking—to be a bit glum and pouty, it would be Paul.

    Think of all the pain he went through as a follower ...

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  • Why Should We Pray for God’s Blessing?

    Posted in Pastors & Churches, Revival Praying, by Bill Elliff.
    Nov. 18, 2014

    It is likely that all of us pray for God’s blessing. It’s an oft-used phrase that expresses our desire for God to take things to a dimension we cannot realize on our own.

    What is the blessing of God? It can be described as God descending on something normal and making it above normal; making the natural supernatural, or the human divine. For instance, when a boy gave five loaves and two fish, God blessed it, and suddenly it fed well over 5,000 people.

    Think of the areas we pray for this blessing: “Lord, bless our work ...

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  • The Price of Revival

    Posted in Personal Revival, Revival Praying, by Randy Hekman.
    Nov. 18, 2014

    How are we followers of Christ really going to change the world around us?

    The answer to this question is simple, yet to implement it will cost us everything. In short, we will need to die to self and let Christ truly live His resurrected life through us.

    The early church paid a high price for trusting Jesus as Savior and Lord. Becoming a Christian typically meant ridicule, and often resulted in the loss of property, physical torture, and even death itself. But those brave souls chose to take up their cross and follow Him because He offered abundant and ...

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  • Praying for Government Leaders

    Posted in Revival Praying, National Revival, by Randy Hekman.
    Nov. 11, 2014

    When Byron Paulus was given the vision for OneCry, he sensed we need 50,000 intercessors, 5,000 communicators of the message, and 500 leaders to promote revival and spiritual awakening in their respective spheres of influence. Let’s consider that last goal: 500 leaders.

    We are not talking exclusively of the need for pastors. We need leadership from ALL the cultural “mountains,” including church, but also government, business, education, media, entertainment, and family.

    Because of my personal background in government prior to coming to OneCry (Naval officer, prosecuting attorney, trial court judge, advocate with state legislature on family issues ...

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  • The Hypocrisy That Hinders Revival

    Posted in Pastors & Churches, by Bill Elliff.
    Nov. 4, 2014

    Jesus spoke harsh condemnations on the Pharisees of His day. In fact, He called them serpents and a brood of vipers that would not escape the sentence of hell (Matthew 23:33).

    Obviously these men were not believers. In that regard, thank God I will never be a true Pharisee, because God’s grace has saved me.

    But I am easily capable of being like a Pharisee in my actions. I can pick up pharisaical ways in a heartbeat.

    To study Jesus’ indictment of these men is helpful so that we can face and put to death any part of ...

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  • The Need for Repentance (Part 2)

    Posted in Personal Revival, Radical Obedience, by Randy Hekman.
    Nov. 4, 2014

    If we are truly serious about turning from our wicked ways, as 2 Chronicles 7:14 requires, we need to know what those wicked ways are.

    One would hope it would be obvious to us when we are disobeying God. But in reality, we are often blinded to our own sinful patterns by a variety of factors, including the environment we were raised in.

    Because the demographic groupings of individuals we call generations have similar qualities, we can generalize both the strengths and weaknesses of people based on whether they are a Baby Boomer, Buster, Millennial, etc.

    Last week, we ...

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  • OneCry Hosts 2014 National Revival Symposium

    Posted in OneCry Movements, by OneCry Team.
    Oct. 28, 2014

    Last week, a capacity crowd of 70+ leaders from all over America came to southwest Michigan for the first-ever National Revival Symposium hosted by OneCry. Speakers included revival historian Richard Owen Roberts, head of the National Prayer Committee Dave Butts, President of Alive Ministries Doug Small, Pastors Bill Elliff, Bob Bakke, Michael Catt, and Brent Brooks, and Life Action Ministries Executive Director Byron Paulus.

    The purpose of the symposium included learning more about what we as followers of Christ can do to raise our sails in anticipation of catching the wind of God’s Spirit in revival, when in His ...

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  • The Need for Repentance (Part 1)

    Posted in Personal Revival, Radical Obedience, by Randy Hekman.
    Oct. 28, 2014

    While we are all sinners and in need of grace, it seems our arch-enemy is shrewd in fashioning unique temptations to sin that take into consideration each of our individual weaknesses. Beyond that, each generation has its own strengths and weaknesses, making us more vulnerable to temptations that cater to our specific generation’s blind spots.

    As a Baby Boomer, I have different strengths and weaknesses than those in generations that follow. Being aware of our generational weaknesses or blind spots can help us be more vigilant to counter the enemy’s lies and the spirit of this age.

    What ...

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  • Calling the Church to Revival and America to Awakening (Part 4)

    Posted in Extraordinary Prayer, by OneCry Team.
    Oct. 21, 2014

    Last week we read Part 3 of a conversation between OneCry National Director Randy Hekman and Southern Baptist Convention President Dr. Ronnie Floyd. Here is the last of the four excerpts of their conversation, focused on the need for “extraordinary prayer” for revival and another Great Awakening.

    Randy: How important is it for other denominations and other true Bible-based churches to unite with Southern Baptists in our communities to pray together for revival?

    Dr. Floyd: Well, I believe there is a place for that, no question about it. I have been a part of those gatherings, and I believe in ...

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