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Can Broken Churches Change?

Author: One Cry Team Date: May 2, 2012

Since coming on staff in the summer of 2010, Pastor Charles Fowler, senior pastor of Germantown Baptist Church, has shed many tears over his flock. Broken relationships, church divisions, and a damaged witness to the community were defining his congregation and hindering God’s work. It looked like there was no end in sight to the “fight” the church was engaged in.

This past December, Pastor Fowler was greatly impressed that the way forward was to confront the past by seeking and applying grace. This led to a service in which he called the entire church body to confess, forgive, and repent corporately.

The service began with an act of humility as Pastor Fowler knelt to wash the feet of three of the church’s former pastors. He then preached from the Gospel of John and asked the entire congregation to confess and forgive, beginning on a personal level. He asked the people to go and ask forgiveness of anyone in the room that they had gossiped about, hurt, or offended in some way.

As the people did so, tears of confession were followed by smiles. Pastor Fowler then led the entire congregation in a declaration of confession and forgiveness called “Declaration of Grace Applied.” This was followed by a sweet time of fellowship, as people who hadn’t spoken with or seen each other in years shared in the Lord’s Supper.

Praise God for this powerful example of the grace and forgiveness of Christ, applied in one hurting congregation!

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